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It’s fall, which can mean a lot of things. The weather starts to get a little bit colder, the leaves on the trees start to change, it’s comfy weather season and the time of year where everyone is baking in the kitchen.

Our most popular item in the fall are our pie pops. We offer them in a variety of flavors and today we are going to give you a little insight on how we make them. Almost any pie can be turned into a pie pop, except for custard like pies (for example, chocolate cream pie or a key lime pie wouldn’t be the best choice to use as a filling for pie pops). Some of the flavors we offer are apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, mixed berry, and pumpkin. They may be small in size, but they are big on flavor and so much fun to make!

How do we make these adorable little pops? Here are some tips and tricks that we like to use to ensure that they are just as easy and fun to make as any classic pie.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Read over your recipe first. By doing this, you save time by making sure you know exactly what you need without running the risk later on of not having an ingredient. 
  • Mise en place (french term for “put in place”). In culinary school this was a staple thing to do. Always measure out all of your ingredients before you even touch your tools. This may not seem like a time saver, but trust us when we say it is.
  • Preheat your oven to whatever temperature the recipe calls for. The earlier you preheat your oven, the better. By the time you’re ready to put your baked goods in the oven, it will be at the perfect temperature. If you have an oven thermometer, put one in BEFORE you turn the oven on. Preheating the oven and having an oven thermometer inside the oven will also help you see how long it actually takes your oven to come to temperature.
  • Always let your pie filling COOL COMPLETELY before you put the filling in between your dough circles. This will also help your pops not to open up while they are baking in the oven. 
  • Make your egg wash in advance. You will be using this as a glue to seal both the top and bottom your pie pops.
  • Cut out all of your circles from your pie crust first. Cutting them all out while your filling is cooling down, will speed along the process and will ensure that you have enough pie dough for the amount of pops you are planning to make. To keep them from drying out, we like to put them in between sheets of parchment paper until we are ready to fill them up!

How do we put it all together? 

  1. Line rimmed baking sheets with sheets of parchment paper or silicone mats.
  2. With your baking sheet laid out horizontally, place the first set of circles about 1 inch apart from each other on the sheet. Next, take your lollipop sticks and position the tip in the center of each circle. Wooden or paper lollipop sticks are ideal. The plastic ones are not oven safe. (Some people like to dip the stick into beaten egg first before placing it on the circle, but we found this to be more of a personal preference than a mandatory step.)
  3. With a small brush, brush egg wash around the inner edge of each circle. This will help seal the top and bottom of your pie pops.
  4. Take a dollop of your pie filling and place it in the center, on top of your lollipop stick.
  5. Once all the rounds have filling, place the second set of rounds on top of each base. Press down on the edges to make sure that both sides are sticking together. Sometimes we like to add a fun edge to our pie pops by using a toothpick or a fork and pressing down all along the edges of the circles.
  6. Take a knife or a scissor and cut small slits into the centers of your pie pops. This will help the air escape from the center and ensure that your pops won’t break open, and they also add a cute design to your pops!
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 to fill all of your trays. Once they are all finished, place them in the oven and bake them until the dough is a golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes. We like to set our ovens to 375 degrees. Mid way through, rotate and turn your trays to ensure an even bake for all of your pops. 
    8. Once you see that all the pops are golden brown, remove from the oven and let them cool enough for you to be able to touch them. This should take about 5-8 minutes. Remove them off the baking sheets and transfer them to wire racks. You can either serve these warm or let them cool to room temperature and enjoy!
    We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know if you try to make pie pops, and if you need any help along the way don’t hesitate to ask! There are also tons of video tutorials of how to make pie pops. They are all great and unique in their own ways, so if you find one that is easy to follow go for it! (Here’s a secret: that’s how we learned to how to perfect ours!)
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